New chapter for Stickydot

New chapter for Stickydot

We’re happy to announce that Stickydot has a new home in Brussels! We’re now located on Rue de la Prévoyance, which translates as “Foresight Road.” An interesting choice of street name, considering the unpredictable times we are living in.
New chapter for Stickydot


7 April 2021

Nestled in the historic Marolles neighbourhood in Brussels centre alongside our sister organisation BE participation, we’re just settling into our new pad, complete with a large facilitation space and aquaponics tank! Needless to say, we were sad to say goodbye to our old place in Saint Gilles, but this turning point is an exciting time for us and we wanted to get in touch with you to talk about why.

This move has been the latest in a series of big events for Stickydot. It blows our minds to think that what started out as an idea over a beer among three friends, three years ago, has become such a hive of activity. Find out more about our achievements in the last year that we are particularly proud of.

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Florence Gignac


“It is inspiring to contribute to a scientific research environment that remains anchored in the realities and interests of a variety of individuals. Collaborating with the public takes your scientific knowledge off the beaten track and challenges you to take a creative approach to your scientific practice. Go ahead: once you try participatory research, you won’t look back!”

At Stickydot, Florence provides support on citizen science and public engagement projects. Florence has been applying participatory approaches in the fields of environment and public health for over five years. She cares deeply about making every step of a scientific research project inclusive, creative and sustainable.