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Building the EU Competence Centre for Science Communication

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to ensure effective science communication. Despite the growing accessibility of verifiable knowledge, recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate emergency, and spread of misinformation have highlighted a disconnect between scientific practice and public understanding. This is undermining policy responses and fueling distrust among citizens.

The COALESCE project aims to further reduce this gap by enhancing and expanding upon the already existing forms of excellence in science communication, public engagement, and co-creation practices. This 4-year project is coordinated by Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and involves the participation of 13 organisations from 8 countries.

At the heart of the project is the goal to build on the achievements of the 8 past SwafS-19 projects in science communication (such as ENJOI, where Stickydot is a partner) and to create the European Competence Centre for Science Communication. This Competence Centre will be a virtual platform to consolidate knowledge, co-develop and make accessible guidelines, tools, innovative strategies, and recommendations to improve science communication for all R&I actors.

Moreover, an important component of COALESCE will be to build, consolidate and keep engaged new and existing communities of knowledge and practice. A range of co-creation, training, and mutual learning activities will be undertaken, involving stakeholders from academia, public sector, industry, and civil society, as well as science communicators and science journalists. One such instance includes the organisation and facilitation of case clinics by Stickydot, where staff of science museums, science centres, festivals and artists will be invited to bring in their challenges and work on solutions.

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Florence Gignac


“It is inspiring to contribute to a scientific research environment that remains anchored in the realities and interests of a variety of individuals. Collaborating with the public takes your scientific knowledge off the beaten track and challenges you to take a creative approach to your scientific practice. Go ahead: once you try participatory research, you won’t look back!”

At Stickydot, Florence provides support on citizen science and public engagement projects. Florence has been applying participatory approaches in the fields of environment and public health for over five years. She cares deeply about making every step of a scientific research project inclusive, creative and sustainable.