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Widening and strengthening the citizen science community in Europe

Citizen science (CS) has become an important mode of research and innovation, in Europe and worldwide. Today, CS associations, CS projects, national and international CS platforms, conferences and funding programmes are key promoters of participatory forms of scientific knowledge production. However, the potential of CS has not been fully exploited, and it is still limited in its uptake and acceptance across disciplines, actors and institutions.

The European Citizen Science (ECS) project will build on the enormous achievements in CS over the past decade while further strengthening the global CS community and putting Europe at the forefront. This 4-year project is coordinated by the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) (Berlin, Germany) and involves the participation of 20 organizations from 15 countries. 

ECS aims to widen and strengthen the European CS community through  capacity  building  and awareness raising activities such as the creation of a European Citizen Science Academy and the establishment of a network of Ambassadors. Stickydot’s role focuses on facilitation of co-creation  processes, making sure CS pilots become inclusive, diverse and representative and building the community of CS projects. Through the Public Libraries 2030 network, support will be provided for libraries to develop CS projects for their diverse publics.   

The ECS project is committed to push modern science towards open science as a modus operandi. This project will lead to a number of key scientific, societal and policy impacts which will contribute to make Europe positioned as a leader in CS throughout the entire research and innovation system.

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Florence Gignac


“It is inspiring to contribute to a scientific research environment that remains anchored in the realities and interests of a variety of individuals. Collaborating with the public takes your scientific knowledge off the beaten track and challenges you to take a creative approach to your scientific practice. Go ahead: once you try participatory research, you won’t look back!”

At Stickydot, Florence provides support on citizen science and public engagement projects. Florence has been applying participatory approaches in the fields of environment and public health for over five years. She cares deeply about making every step of a scientific research project inclusive, creative and sustainable.