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Leveraging engagement in science education for climate justice
Shot of little girl drawing a eolic park on a whiteboard with a marker pen at home.

The climate and biodiversity crises present serious and complex challenges that demand greater scientific literacy and engagement across society. Yet, to empower citizens to tackle environmental issues and take on an active role in creating a sustainable future, science education must become a more flexible and inclusive lifelong endeavour. 

LEVERS will respond to this need for an innovative, open science education by creating and delivering “Learning Ventures”, a replicable model for expansive science learning through multi-stakeholder regional partnerships that collaboratively explore challenges and design science learning experiences to address local socio-scientific issues such as water pollution, urban pollinators and renewable energy. 

These Learning Ventures will be established in nine different locations across Europe. Stakeholders from formal, non-formal and informal education across education levels, community organisations, research and innovation, industry, and government, will be supported to adopt a systemic design approach to create climate justice projects offering meaningful real-world learning experiences. 

Stickydot will lead the establishment of the LEVERS Learning Framework, containing the pedagogical basis, evaluation framework, and the vision and strategy for the LEVERS project, contributing to setting the foundations for a learning continuum for all. We will also coordinate a Learning Venture in Brussels.

Several anticipated outputs of this project, including the learning framework, field guide, professional learning programmes and Open Schooling resources, guides for industry engagement, business models and policy recommendations, will boost transformative impact on science education in Europe into the future.

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Florence Gignac


“It is inspiring to contribute to a scientific research environment that remains anchored in the realities and interests of a variety of individuals. Collaborating with the public takes your scientific knowledge off the beaten track and challenges you to take a creative approach to your scientific practice. Go ahead: once you try participatory research, you won’t look back!”

At Stickydot, Florence provides support on citizen science and public engagement projects. Florence has been applying participatory approaches in the fields of environment and public health for over five years. She cares deeply about making every step of a scientific research project inclusive, creative and sustainable.