Stickydot launches three new Horizon Europe projects

Stickydot launches three new Horizon Europe projects

COALESCE kick-off


21 April 2023

Dialogue around European research and innovation has been a key focus of our work long before Stickydot was Stickydot! Members of our team have been working on dozens of projects funded by the European Commission for over 15 years: from developing groundbreaking formats for dialogue with PlayDecide to setting EU research agendas based on people’s needs and values in VOICES.

Over the years we’ve seen Europe’s focus shift too. The Commission has shone the spotlight on various aspects of engagement in R&I: science dialogue, science capital, citizen science, responsible research and innovation, open science and open innovation. Each with a different focus, but all with a core mission: to ensure that European research and innovation is better embedded in people’s needs and values.

The projects Stickydot is currently partnering in reflect that variety of focus. We coordinate MOSAIC, examining how European people can engage in co-creation around R&I in the context of Europe’s mission on climate-neutral and smart cities. In ECS, we are strengthening Europe’s citizen science community, while ENJOI explores what makes excellent open science communication.

This year we are delighted to be partners in three exciting new flagship European projects, bringing together teams of international organisations all ready to push European R&I further.

REINFORCING is a flagship Horizon Europe project, building on the communities developed over the years around open and responsible research and innovation. In COALESCE, we are building the European Competence Centre for Science Communication, drawing on the outcomes of eight key initiatives including ENJOI. What is more, both these projects are particularly significant in that, like ECS, they consolidate and build on the work of numerous earlier projects, ensuring we make the most of their outcomes and further develop the communities around them. LEVERS too builds on earlier open schooling projects to build multi-stakeholder regional partnerships, co-designing science learning experiences on climate issues.

In each of these projects, as Stickydot, our role plays to our strengths: co-creation, training, facilitating dialogue and peer learning. With LEVERS we have a local focus too, setting up our own learning venture in Brussels. And we’re already getting started – keep an eye on our social media for updates!

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Florence Gignac


“It is inspiring to contribute to a scientific research environment that remains anchored in the realities and interests of a variety of individuals. Collaborating with the public takes your scientific knowledge off the beaten track and challenges you to take a creative approach to your scientific practice. Go ahead: once you try participatory research, you won’t look back!”

At Stickydot, Florence provides support on citizen science and public engagement projects. Florence has been applying participatory approaches in the fields of environment and public health for over five years. She cares deeply about making every step of a scientific research project inclusive, creative and sustainable.